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Current and aspiring leaders are faced with day-to-day challenges that are varied and unpredictable as they develop their experience portfolio. One of the key limitations to learning from real-life experiences is that the consequences of one’s decisions do not always unfold right away.

ELS provides a risk-free environment through software simulations where participants have an opportunity to fail as they face difficult situations. Our facilitated simulations essentially accelerate time, allowing participants to decide on a course of action, implement it, and experience its consequences, all within the same exercise.

Used as part of a leadership development curriculum, simulations provoke meaningful shared experiences and promote peer-to-peer discourse. Critical thinking is a key skill for current and aspiring leaders and when simulation participants engage in critical thought and make a choice, in that moment, the learning objective of critical thinking is achieved, and true learning occurs.

The inclusion of ELS simulation software in your professional development program will result in a deeper experience catalogue for current and aspiring leaders, improved retention of K-12 leaders, and have a positive impact on teacher and student performance and the communities they serve.