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Computer-Based Simulations


Principal development is a critical challenge in Education. Many districts and schools have reduced their headcount and resources appreciably; however, there is no respective reduction in expectations with respect to student outcomes. 


Schools need to provide their teams, starting with the Leadership, with a new/better way of getting their work done. They need an approach that provides experience with the contextual and challenging issues that need to be addressed. The challenge: how to provide experience without the risk and time of learning through the school of ‘hard knocks’.


Research shows Computer-Based Simulations as one of the best vehicles for effectively and practically delivering consistent experience across an organization.


ELS focuses on capturing and deploying an evolving list of key experiences that provide leaders with the opportunity exercise judgment, experience consequences, engage in meaningful peer-driven conversation and get feedback so that they incorporate the experiences into their portfolios and deal with the real-life situations as they occur.  The library includes the following scenarios:


  • Difficult Conversations: Dress Code

  • Academic Goal Setting (Common Core)

  • Disruptive Teacher: The Faculty Bully

  • Difficult Conversations: Race

  • Girls Basketball Coach

  • New Teacher Evaluation  

  • Board Relations

  • Playground Mishap

  • Middle School Budget Challenge

  • Student in Crisis

  • Small School District Budget Challenge

  • Administrator: First Week on the Job

  • Community Partnerships: Digital Readiness 

Coming Soon!

  • Running an EdCamp

  • Special Education IEP Team Meeting

  • Community Partnerships (collaboration with PTA)

  • Zero Tolerance – Weapons (collaboration with NJPSA)

  • Student Untimely Death (Day 2 - follow-up) 

  • Finance and Compliance (collaboration with Auburn U.)

  • Community Racial Event (collaboration with Teachers21)

  • The Teacher Affair (collaboration with Henry County, GA)

  • Custodianship