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Simulations and Experience Design Process changing the way Education Leaders learn


I thought these [simulations] were helpful in creating discussions about the topic. At first, I felt like there needed to be a right choice for solving the bullying situation, but after considering the purpose was to generate discussion, I was able to get past needing a right answer. Overall, they are helpful." 

Auburn University, Administrator Intern

I found both simulations helpful. Both provided real-life scenarios that may occur and they help you consider how to address these issues. Instead of just discussing a case study, it shows you the results of your decisions.”

Auburn University, Administrator Intern


"I used the Bully Teacher and Teacher Dress Code simulations in two different courses: Principal Leadership and Supervision of Personnel, with a total of 24 students. All the responses were similar to the ones above. In class, the students were fully engaged in the simulations, and debated out loud about which choices they should make and why. In the Dress Code sim, when the students chose the decision route that led to the teacher putting in for a transfer, when the email from the teacher popped onto the screen, one student blurted out, "Oh no! We lost her!!!" Yes, they were engaged!"

Linda Searby, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership, Auburn University