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Peer-Sourced Simulations


"Designed by you.  Delivered by us.  Enabling all."


All the simulations in our library were co-written by practitioners whose experiences manifest in the applications. These were not sourced in the Ivory Towers of academia or the hallowed halls of consultants - it's real life!


It is with this idea in mind that we are approaching the development of our simulation library by tapping into our “crowd” of peers to identify experiences worth simulating. Simulation is not a science, it is really just a way of organizing one’s thinking, and through the Simulation Development workshops we help the practitioners to organize their experience in a simulation manner that can be enjoyed by others and that becomes the source material for a new entry in the library.


As part of the development process, we also encourage peer-review of the evolving stories to flesh out the opportunities for critical thinking and judgment in the decision making process and also to incorporate realistic consequences in the flow of the scenario. The entire process is infused with opportunities for rich dialogue and sharing which makes this approach so powerful and engaging.


If you would like to submit Experiences and/or Scenarios that would benefit from this approach or be a part of development reviews, please fill out the short form below: