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What Are Simulations

A simulation is an interactive leadership situation. It focuses on enabling and enhancing the application of knowledge and skills in the real-world environment. The simulation experience introduces users to common real-world leadership and interpersonal situations—and allows them to work through how to handle them—prior to experiencing them on the job. Working with education leaders from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, ELS is developing a library of these simulations. Each simulation covers a different topic germane to K-12 education leadership and interpersonal relationships.

The ELS Leadership Best Practices Simulations are not designed to reflect any one specific school or district’s environment. They are designed to present issues and obstacles participants generally face in education. At the conclusion of each simulation, participants receive feedback in a variety of forms that will allow them to improve critical thinking about the issues presented in each simulation.

Unlike a ‘manual’ or case study, simulations provide users an opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment where they can explore learning objectives. The learning is achieved by allowing users to consider options, make mistakes in a safe environment and draw conclusions from the experience to develop and retain critical thinking. Understanding WHY is more powerful than simply being told HOW.